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We believe that Mixed Reality is ready to move beyond simple 3D rotational models and can significantly improve the LifeSciences. Our team is cross-functional, as it intersects programmers, biologists, engineers, and medical staff. Biology is complex and the instruments that unravel it are complicated, and our goal is make both easier to understand.

Adding Remote Demos to your life science product or instrument engages your customers while providing you with significant benefits including reduced sales costs, higher close rates, improved technical support, and valuable training.

Envoke offers 5 separate virtual demo types as well as rich media, all driven from the same file. The team works with you to Envoke your Life Science Instrument and prepare you for virtual demonstrations.

Envoke makes your instrument easier to use, quicker to sell, and faster to repair.

Stuart Warrington

CEO & Board
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Stuart Warrington

With over 15 years of experience in multimedia supporting the largest biotechnology tools companies, Stuart drives the Envoke vision changing how scientists interact with their products. He believes the revolutions impacting mixed reality integration- the combination of both virtual and real-world objects- can accelerate basic and applied research. As mixed reality integration matures it will dramatically impact medical discovery and healthcare practice. Stuart was educated at the University of Salford in media production.

Lucie Warrington

Managing Director & Board
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With numerous leadership positions in multimedia companies, Lucie specializes in translating customer needs into technology solutions. Through her background in film and animation, she believes in the power of story-telling and has been applying it to improve science tools since 2011. As a director, her stories are widely received and have been applied to a broad range of instruments, from PCR thermal cycler to flow cytometers. Lucie holds a BA Honors in Design and Direction from Manchester Metropolitan University.

Hannah Gray

Operations Director & Board
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Hannah leads finance and operations at Envoke. Her experience is in developing strategic financial solutions for early-stage start-ups, ensuring business success. Previous engagements have taken small operations to multi-site and multi-investor growth, including 3CDC (USA) and Mission Mars Ltd (UK). Her credentials include a BA in Philosophy and Classics from the University of Manchester, a Master’s Degree in Ancient History from the University of Liverpool and an MAAT accounting qualification.

Ross Miller

Board Chair
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With a strong background in the IT industry (over 36 years), Ross has developed and led companies specializing in on-line payment and fraud detection services, and in software resale. Under his leadership the companies saw success and were acquired by notable organizations, including a top 3 Global banking group. Ross is an Angel investor and trusted member of the investor community where he holds five main board positions including roles of Chairman and Non-Executive Director.


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