Working With Us

We have extensive experience getting life science instruments into the remote demo environment. With our team of programmers and engineers, we can also draw on molecular biologists and biochemists. 

From simple products (such as gel electrophoresis instruments) to complex cell sorters, we provide your users with an engaging environment that demonstrates how your instrument works, how to operate recommended procedures or protocols, and how to use included software.

Envoke Your Instrument


Your products direct on your website.

Pre-set Storyline guides customers through your product the way you want.


Invite customers to a sales rep led remote demo of your product.

Manage the sales force pipeline by better qualifying leads.


Take your virtual demos on the road.

Install your product on up to 100 devices at anytime.

Pre-make Storylines for each event.


Place your product in the customer's lab to demonstrate the perfect fit.

Show the whole work flow with Pre-set Storylines.

5 Steps to Getting Your Instrument Into Envoke

Begin Here

Beginning with an on-boarding session, we use your CAD files to start design. Based on your input, we can also skin the instrument and place graphics.

Replicate UI
True-to Life Immersion

With an approved rendered instrument, our next step is replicating the GUI environment. Touch screen, buttons, sliders, on/off buttons are reproduced.

Integrate Instructions
Apply Key Protocols

The essential component to making an immersive experience for your users is integrating your instruction manual and protocols into the Envoke remote demo environment.

Testing & QC
Fidelity for the End-User

Bringing it all together, we test and QC the model for functionality: do drawers open when the interface is properly used? Does the model present a warning when it is misloaded? The model should be faithful to the actual device.

Be Assured

Before launching your device, we add security features including encryption and Google Cloud Platform.


Windows 10, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome and Edge.

Per product prices and per user prices available upon request.

Whatever you have we can work with. Reach out to Envoke to for guidance.

6-8 weeks depending on complexity.

We set you up with a version of Envoke that works for your business and your customers.

envoke your instrument