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Qualify leads faster with a 3D virtual companion of your instrument - available on any device anywhere in the world.
  • Created with Pixso. Reduce your Shipping Costs
  • Created with Pixso. Qualify Leads Faster
  • Created with Pixso. increase conversions

An interactive demo on any device from anywhere in the world

Giving customers and prospects access to an interactive demo of your products on your website, at events, during sales pitches and beyond. Envoke Demos was created to help qualify leads faster and increase sales for global organizations.

Take your first steps into 3D eCommerce and increase conversion rates by up to 40%.

Remote sales demos

Remote sales demos enable your sales teams to convert leads faster. Empower your customer’s buying journey with tailored demos pulled from your Storyblock Library.
  • Created with Pixso. Track sales activity via your customized dashboard
  • Created with Pixso. Demo links directly on your site increase conversion rates
  • Created with Pixso. Send follow ups to your customers with a demo that meets their exact requirements

No more shipping your devices to events

Events are expensive when you have to ship instruments. With Envoke Marketing you can take your digital companion device to every event your sales team attended.

Scientific devices weren’t created to live in an exhibition hall. So tell the complete story of your device on touch screen or iPads where ever you are.

Customer visits are improved with Envoke marketing

Any customer visit is lifted by utilizing your digital companion. Place demos directly in to PowerPoint or show your customer the exact size of a device with Envoke’s AR feature
  • Created with Pixso. Take a versatile and interactive demo to your customers
  • Created with Pixso. Add demos directly to your presentations
  • Created with Pixso. Use the Envoke render engine for all your videos and stills

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Built to solve a problem and convert more leads for a leading life sciences company. Envoke now works with key players in the market including Bio-Rad, Illumina, 10x Genomics and Element Biosciences.


See how Envoke works with one of our experts. We'll get to understand your requirements and how Envoke can be used to exceed your goals.
Supporting global teams to do more by giving them access to virtual demos.


Our team has experience across a full range of devices and is trusted by the world’s largest life sciences and biotech companies.

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