The engagement platform
for your virtual instrument

Reduce demo & event expenses
Streamline conference logistics
Minimize technical support travel
Expedite customer issue resolution
How to envoke
How to Envoke

Reduce Demo Expenses & Logisitics

Shipping demo instruments to events and conferences is expensive and wasteful. Envoke provides a fully immersive virtual experience of your instrument with just a monitor. One Envoke client saves over $250K per year on events using virtual demos.

Minimize Tech Support Costs

The Envoke platform not only significantly reduces field travel costs, it also leads to faster customer resolution. Happier customers at lower cost. What isn't there to like?

Improve Training & Warranty Support

Provide instrument training using guided protocols on your virtual instrument. Build guided protocols that resolve the most common instrument issues and improve your warranty support.

Getting Started


Beginning with an onboarding session, we use your CAD files to start design. With your input, we skin the instrument and add graphics.

Instruments are virtually identical in every aspect from functioning touchscreens to physical characteristics and mechanics.
Virtual instruments can be rotated and viewed from any angle within the envoke environment.
User Interface


With an approved rendered instrument, our next step is replicating your GUI environment. Touch screen, buttons, sliders, on/off buttons are faithfully reproduced.

Carry-out touchscreen operations as if your instrument was right there in front of you.
Applying Key Protocols


The essential component to making an immersive experience for your users is integrating your instruction manual and protocols into the Envoke remote demo environment.

Conduct real-world virtual protocols and operations based on the instructions from the provided instruction manual.
End-user Fidelity


Bringing it all together, we test and QC the model for functionality: do drawers open when the interface is properly used? The model will be faithful to the actual device.

Have peace of mind knowing that everything is as close to interacting with the actual instrument itself.

Safe & Secure

Before launching your device, we add security features including encryption and Google Cloud Platform.

Envoke helped us save over $250K in demo unit shipping—in just one year!


Envoke provides that space for customers to ask questions and challenge some of the things displayed out loud which in turn gives me an opportunity to address any of those concerns.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

I felt very defeated in the COVID environment. Envoke has given me back the control in demonstrating which in turn has enabled me to really showcase iBright's capabilities and interface.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Its a great tool to qualify customers and beat both video and powerpoint. It allows me to probe the whole workflow while having an engaging discussion.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

I've had a great experience with the Envoke remote demo tool. I've even sold several instruments just by using this tool alone.

Thermo Fisher Scientific