Envoke Your Life Science Instrument

Adding Remote Demos to your life science product or instrument engages your customers while providing you with significant benefits including reduced sales costs, higher close rates, improved technical support, and valuable training.

Engaging Customer Experiences

No Goggle Required

Envoke makes Remote Demos easy for your team and customers to interact with your life science and research instruments- from PCR to HPLC, with no headsets or goggles required.

Easy to Interact 3D

Our team goes far beyond simple 3D rotation models, allowing your customers and staff to fully interact with your instrument, from touchscreens to dials and doors.

100% Virtual Experience

Deliver your product demo online, without the costs and risks of shipping your instrument. Immediately qualify customers in an immersive environment.

envoke your life science instrument

Meet the Envoke Way

Immersive Product Demos

Reduce Sales Cost

Improve Technical Support

Expansive Training