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Envoke builds digital companions of any product to support global teams to easily showcase them, provide virtual training and ensure efficient maintenance.
  • Created with Pixso. Train Anywhere, Anytime
  • Created with Pixso. Enhance Safety
  • Created with Pixso. Increase Efficiency
  • Created with Pixso. Reduce Costs

Showcase your product

Demonstrate any feature or function of your instrument - from hardware to software to science and everything in between.

Powered by your Storyblock Library to create an accurate and easy to use demo. It gives every department a tool to display and deliver the right message.


Show your device in the best light and give your customers an accurate depiction of all its features.


The story of your product needs to include the scientific output. Envoke revolutionizes the way that this is presented and how the audience interacts with it.
  • Created with Pixso. Science protocols
  • Created with Pixso. See your results in a different dimension
  • Created with Pixso. Showcase and demonstrate the use of all consumables and reagents


Envoke enables your audience to interact with your product's software. We replicate your software by using GUIs that walk you through the required processes.

See how much you could save
with our ROI Calculator

Built to solve a problem for ThermoFisher in 2018 Envoke now
works with key players in the marketing including Bio-Rad, Illumina,
10x Genomics and Element Biosciences.

Streamline learning with intuitive virtual training solutions

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Speak with one of our experts to see how Envoke works and can help you to exceed your goals.
Supporting global teams to do more by giving them access to virtual demos.


Our team has experience across a full range of devices and is trusted by the world’s largest life sciences and biotech companies.

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