Envoke: Train & Maintain

Envoke creates a 3D virtual companion of your instrument(s) to simplify your approach Training and Maintenance.

Supporting field service and maintenance teams by giving them the ability to troubleshoot remotely; it allows users to virtually solve user issues which significantly reduces costs and machine down time.We aim to reduce technician call outs by 40%.

Through our interactive 3D demos and tailored training sessions, we empower users to up-skill quickly and efficiently, while our maintenance services ensure instruments remain operational with minimal disruptions.

We build scalable, repeatable and auditable training programs that help to reduce costs and increase training throughput. Providing teams with an interactive experience to ensure that they remain compliant and have the right skills to consistently perform to the best of their ability.

Used by trainers and field service specialists we build your programs to meet the exact requirements of your business

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Built to solve a problem for ThermoFisher in 2018 Envoke now works with key players in the marketing including Bio-Rad, Illumina, 10x Genomics and Element Biosciences

We've worked with Global Sales and Marketing teams and have significantly reduced their costs, given them the ability to complete more demos virtually and qualify more leads

⏱️ Now launching Envoke Train & Maintain we will help Field Service teams to:

Reduce call outs by 40%

Minimize machine downtime

Improve scalability and accessibility of training to reduce machine issues

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Stuart Warrington
Lucie Warrington
Alicia von Achten
Head of Sales

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